Thank you cards

Owners Thank You Cards

Here are a selection of the many lovely cards we receive from our happy owners & their pets!

Ocean the dog

To all at Weighbridge,
It has been over a year now since I came to you with a very badly torn ligament in my knee and needed an operation. So, I thought I give you all an update with my progress!

I am absolutely loving my walks again! It took a long time to build up the muscle strength in my leg and I am slower these days, but I can easily do my hour-long walks again. I have added a photo of when I got home after my first long walk after my operation. I was so very happy! I really thought my days of long walks were far behind me; but I got to see the harbour again and that my favourite place in the whole world! My owners are pretty good at knowing when I can go that far and when I need my rest. I still have that slight bow in my leg like you said I probably would and it does get a little worse when I tired. It doesnt bother me at all though! I just keep plodding on!

I celebrated my 10th birthday not so long ago (with a delicious dog friendly birthday cake!) so I know I an elderly doggo now, and my local vet is helping manage my arthritis. But thanks to you I enjoying my golden years in style with loads of gentle strolls and lots and lots of love!

Please give my biggest, biggest thanks to my good friend Mr Butterworth! And to you all! Me and my owners could not be more grateful! Love Ocean

Gyp the dog

Crimson the cat